Hero is Not a Hero Part 2

I didn’t know what I was thinking at that time, but I had let this strange man into my house. Maybe I wanted a little more in my life. Sitting in front of I noticed he had long black hair going all the way down his back, black eyes, pale skin and two huge horns on the sides of his head
“t-those are horns on his head”
“Yes, yes they are my most pride of my tribe.”
Even though what he said was supposed to be strange I felt like this is meant to happen. Its only normal.
“Later when you get stronger you will become great asset to me and my tribe”
“Eh wha-what are you talking about”
‘soon have a chance to what does he mean’ After he disappeared, I was in a daze for what seemed like an hour but was only a few seconds. I went to my bedroom to go sleep but I never did forget those words.
In the morning when I woke up I went on my phone to play games and read while listening to music. Since it was the weekend I decided to go out to buy some snacks, but when I went outside I saw a raging dog… oh did I also mention it looked like a colossal titan. That second, I went it into my house and slammed the door shut.
I went into the basement, my training room and started to punch my punching bag. But then…
{(Martial Arts) has become level 3}
“What was that…”
I also noticed something else strange… There was lighting sparkling around my fist.


The Hero is not a hero. Part 1

It was warm and bright with a cool breeze, the perfect weather yet there was a girl contrasting everything around her. She made you feel like you are drowning in a dark cold ocean, just by being around her you couldn’t breathe. The trees were dancing, the birds were chirping, but all that entered your nose was the smell rust and iron.

That lone girl standing there was covered in a dark crimson liquid was covering her and was everywhere around her. The first time the girl opened her mouth she said “This is your only-” not yet hearing the last words, she disappeared.

*wheezing* That dream … again.”

I was a girl with black short fluffy hair, caramel colored skin, black eyes, I was also about medium height. I got out my bed put on my school uniform, shoes, grabbed my book bag and walked out the door to walk to school. Starting this boring lifestyle once again.

“Dorje Sinclair”


As the teacher called my name for attendance I answered and looked out the window next to me, as I looked through the window


I suddenly saw a black shadow go across the grass, but as through it was an illusion I ignored it.

As the bell rang signifying the end of school, I walked home. Stopping by a store to buy some food. I felt as though something was staring a hole in my body. I was like lightning as I ran home.

As I opened my door to go inside my house a large, cold hand touched my shoulder. His voice was dark and cold, not loud, nor soft, so I could hear it clearly.

“Listen to me, The Great Demon God.”

I was surprised when he touched me, so I grabbed my bookbag and hit him in the face, kicked him in the nuts and punched him in the stomach but shockingly after I punched him my fist was bleeding instead of his stomach.

‘It hurts, it really hurts’

I grimaced in pain and bit my lip to endure the pain I was going through. I knew this was the end of my ordinary life.